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OTC Drugs

Prescriptions for Over -the -Counter Drugs Under Obamacare?

Doctors dealing with startling new trend from hidden clause in health care law

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  1. Dealing Drugs

    What rules must doctors observe in prescribing pain medication?

  1. Update in War Against Common Cold

    No cure yet, but scientists confirm that zinc is best when trying to kick a cold to the curb

  2. Weiner Wants Health Care Waiver?

    Obamacare supporter Rep. Anthony Weiner looking into waiver for the Big Apple

  3. Study: Long-Term Ibuprofen Use Lowers Parkinson's Risk

    Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld weighs in

  4. Health Risk?

    FDA looking for ways to reduce acetaminophen overdoses

  5. Jeffrey Ross

    Comedian provides tips on the art of roasting

  6. Sleepless & Pregnant

    Q&A with Dr. Manny: Are there any sleep aids that are safe for pregnant women

  7. Cold Medicine vs. Sleep

    Ask Dr. Manny: Does cold medicine really work or is sleep the best remedy?