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Deadly Cocktail?

Dr. Baden on the second autopsy and how medication could have killed Jackson

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  1. Pointing Fingers

    Could 'enablers' face charges for Michael Jackson's death?

  2. Pricks Prevent Pain?

    Benefits of acupuncture


    How to support our troops!

  4. Second Opinion?

    Jackson family orders second autopsy for King of Pop

  5. 'King'-sized Mystery

    More questions than answers in the death of Michael Jackson

  6. Homicide By 'Undetermined Means'

    Do Caylee investigators have enough evidence of a murder?

  7. Cause of Death

    L.A. County coroner expediting Jackson autopsy

  8. Leftward Leaning?

    Are commonly used textbooks costing your child a fair education?

  9. 'Practicing' Medicine

    Laundry list of criminal complaints against aspiring physician

  10. Irregular Rhythm?

    Dr. Mark Siegel on what could have caused Jackson's suspected cardiac arrest

  11. The Man in the Mirror

    Deepak Chopra, a close friend of Michael Jackson, joins Alan to share his firsthand knowledge of the pop star's struggle with prescription drugs.

  12. 'Always Had a Problem'

    Former Jackson family spokesman on pop star's drug use

  1. Will Trial Bring Justice for Anna Nicole?

    Trio accused of providing prescription drugs to late model face California court

  2. Finding Alternatives for Pain

    Montel Williams chimes in on reports of doctors over-prescribing medication

  3. Medication Shortage in Arizona Hospitals

    Hospitals having difficulties getting much needed drugs

  4. War on Prescription Drugs

    Obama's drug 'czar' calls for crackdown on prescription pill mills

  5. Drug Connection?

    Police looking for doctor who lived in Michael Jackson's home who reportedly gave Jackson daily Demerol injections

  6. VIDEO: Battling Fever Blisters

    Ask Dr. Manny: What can I take to make my fever blisters go away?

  7. Table of Memories

    'FOX News Sunday' regular Bill Kristol celebrates the life of Tony Snow

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