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Medicare Advantage

After the Show Show: Government Power

Does the government want to much control?

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  1. Uncut: Rep. Michael Grimm 'On the Record

    FBI agent-turned-freshman lawmaker discusses alleged hypocritical stance on 'Obamacare' repeal, being undercover and more

  2. 2011 Will See First Healthcare Changes

    Which age group will see changes first?

  3. Vital to Their Health?

    Many seniors fear Obama will cut crucial medical program when he reforms health care

  4. Journal Editorial Report: 8/15

    Government National Mortgage Association could receive biggest bailout of all

  5. 'Low-Balling' Health Care Cost?

    CBO projects cost of health care bill

  6. Waste and Fraud?

    Rep. Brown-Waite: Unrealistic to slash billions off Medicare

  7. America Unhappy With Health Care?

    House Speaker Pelosi heckled by supporters at conference about reform

  8. Deaf Ears

    Is Congress ignoring American public's opposition to health care reform?

  9. The Journal Editorial Report: 10/10

    Former McChrystal adviser on next step in Afghanistan

  10. Sweeping Changes

    Preview of Senate debate to come

  11. Town Hall Test

    Fact checking Obama's town hall event

  12. A 'Socialistic' Bill?

    Rep. Burton voices opposition to the cap-and-trade bill

  1. Will Health Care Law Force Seniors to Change Plans?

    New analysis of health care overhaul calls into question major Obama administration pledge

  2. GOP Split Over Spending Showdown?

    Sen. Lamar Alexander weighs in

  3. Dr. Siegel on 'Dysfunctional' Effects of Obamacare

    Health care overhaul taking essential care from patients?

  4. Obamacare Controversy

    Repercussions of health care overhaul begin to show

  5. GOP Leaders Promise to Veto Obamacare

    How Republicans are planning to repeal health care law

  6. President Playing Health Care Favorites?

    Teachers union gets pass on new rule under health care

  7. Reps. Issa, Ryan on 'FNS'

    Key GOP lawmakers on dealing with Obama administration

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