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Cannabis Controversy

Dr. Manny and Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter chat about all the fuss about legalizing medicinal marijuana

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  1. Marijuana for Kids

    Is pot a viable option for autism?

  2. Ideal Candidates?

    Medical marijuana patients denied organ transplants

  3. Taking the High Road

    Medical marijuana becomes booming business for California doctors

  4. Move It, Bud

    Los Angeles begins cracking down on medical marijuana dispensaries

  5. Pot Growers Unite?

    Medical marijuana growers join unions in California

  6. Dangers of Smoking Pot While Pregnant

    Impact of marijuana use on unborn babies

  7. Pot Workers Unionizing

    California's marijuana industry is big business, and the unions are taking notice

  8. Controversial Pot Plan Gets Scrapped

    Oakland city council puts the brakes on contentious plan to allow large scale marijuana growing operations


    Sunday 10p/1a ET: Why some U.S. Vets are high on Obama and how the president’s pot-friendly policies impact the medical marijuana debate.

  10. Stoner Study Funded By Stimulus?

    GOP Senate candidate blasts marijuana study

  11. Geraldo at Large

    Why some U.S. Vets are high on Obama, and how the president's pot friendly policies impact the medical marijuana debate.

  12. Cheech and Chong's Take

    Battle to legalize marijuana continues across America

  1. 'Business Park of Cannabis'

    Going to pot: Super-sized pot plants in Oakland?

  2. Medical Marijuana for Food

    Patients bonuses for donating to the company's holiday food drive

  3. Lessons From Legalizing Marijuana

    Going to Pot: Are medical marijuana laws a recipe for disaster?

  4. Marijuana Debate Heats Up in Washington State

    Police incident sparks debate over the Evergreen State's marijuana policy

  5. Eric Holder To Fight Against Marijuana

    Attorney General to enforce federal marijuana laws if Prop 19 is passed in California

  6. Risks Associated With Marijuana

    Effort to legalize pot despite risks

  7. Pot for Vets?

    Going to Pot: Department of Veterans Affairs to begin allowing patents to use medical marijuana in states where permitted

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