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Ask the Doctor

Dr. Rosenfeld answers viewer e-mails

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  1. The Doctor Is In

    Dr. Rosenfeld answers viewer e-mails

  1. The Power of Laughter

    Comedian Robert Schimmel tells Alan how comedy has helped him overcome extreme hardships

  2. Cancer Cluster in Maryland?

    U.S. Army hiding a deadly secret?

  3. Experiencing His Own Miracle

    Daniel Fazzina on overcoming his own personal setbacks

  4. Fountain of Youth?

    Are stem cells the future of plastic surgery?

  5. Radiation Fears in Japan

    Chernobyl survivor weighs in

  6. Fred Thompson

    Former presidential candidate reacts to Obama's police presser, health care reform, economy

  7. Positive Prognosis?

    Judge to give update on condition of boy with Hodgkin's disease who originally refused chemotherapy