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  1. Newsflash!

    Tara Reid tells People Magazine: 'I'm not perfect'

  2. Dr. Leslie Seppinni Talks Celebrities And Plastic Surgery

    Courtney Friel talks to Dr. Leslie Seppinni about the growing obession of celebrites having plastic surgery

  3. Ask the Doctor

    Dr. Rosenfeld answers viewer e-mails

  1. Liposuction Power

    Beverly Hills doctor turns patients' fat into bio-diesel fuel

  2. Male Plastic Surgery on the Rise

    More men are going under the knife

  3. Hips Don't Lie?

    Having a large behind may actually be better for your health

  4. Chest or Breasts?

    Helping men deal with a common problem, 'Man Boobs'

  5. Plastic Surgery

    Docs and patients discuss today's surgeries

  6. Regrowing Your Own Teeth

    Ask Dr. Manny: In a medical first, doctors at Columbia University Medical Center have developed a way to use your body's own stem cells to grow new teeth

  7. VIDEO: Cheap Surgeries Abroad

    Ask Dr. Manny: Is it safe to travel to other countries for operations?