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Ground-Breaking Kidney Transplant

Woman survives new kidney transplant operation with incompatible kidney from sister.

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    Medical marijuana patients denied organ transplants

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    Birth of 'liger' cubs causing concern among wildlife experts

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    Doctors watching for clots, dehydration

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    Women injecting themselves with pregnancy hormone, eating 500 calories a day in new crash diet

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    For residents in Seville, CA, the polluted tap water means finding another source of hydration

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    What are some of the reasons people suffer from seizures?

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    Simon Cowell's wish list

  1. Domino Effect

    Single act leads to new kidneys for eight

  2. Coach Donates Kidney To Player

    Wake Forrest player back on the field

  3. Facebook Friend to Receive Kidney

    Arizona woman agrees to donates kidney to online friend

  4. Real American Stories: Spirit of Giving

    Barista gives life, not latte to customer

  5. Health Concerns for Rescued Miners

    What type of medical treatment will trapped miners receive?

  6. Shocking Kidney Mix-Up

    Hospital halts transplant program after doctors put wrong organ in patient

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    Dr. Jennifer Ashton recaps the week in health news

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