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VIDEO: Understanding Hepatitis C

Ask Dr. Manny: I was diagnosed with hepatitis C. What can I expect?

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    Spots, redness, tearing; these eye symptoms could mean a lot more than you think

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    Exotic travel is on the rise but before you pack your bags find out what you need to do to have a healthy trip

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    FOXSexpert Dr. Yvonne Fulbright weighs in on why people aren't practicing safe sex

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    Report: Michael Jackson has potentially fatal lung condition

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    China accuses leading search engines of threatening public morals

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    New rapid testing kits help people know their HIV status in about 15 minutes

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    Are the HPV vaccine's side effects a legitimate concern?

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    Organize a fun game of Dreidel this Hanukkah

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    Real-life superheroes on the rise in U.S.

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    Is it OK to breastfeed after having a drink?

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    Geraldo unveils the horrific living conditions at Willowbrook State School for the disabled

  1. When Do Adults Need a Booster?

    Think you had all your vaccines when you were a kid? Think again. Dr. Manny discusses what booster shots adults need to stay healthy

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    Learn how to know when to get which vaccines for your child with the help of these guidelines

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    Authorities warn of vampire obsession

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    Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg explains

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    Pamela Anderson has wild weekend in Miami

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    Things you should know before hiring a nanny

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    Find out what you should be inoculated for

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