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Heart Attack

"I Didn't Know I Had a Heart Attack "

Dr. Manny talks to a woman who thought she had a bad case of heartburn but really had a heart attack . Find out what you should know.

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  1. Cooling Therapy

    Cooling therapy could save heart attack victims by dropping their body temperature

  2. Supplement Harmful to Health?

    Calcium supplements linked to increased heart attack risk

  3. Cheney's Cardiologist on Medial Advancements in Heart Care

    Dr. Jonathan Reiner discusses latest treatments for coronary heart disease

  4. Cheeseburger With Side of Lipitor?

    British doctor leading charge to require fast food restaurants to distribute cholesterol-lowering drugs with orders

  5. Witnessing a 'Medical Miracle'

    Florida doctor Dr. Chauncey Crandell explains his remarkable experience

  6. Cholesterol Control

    Best steps to take to prevent heart disease

  7. Smokey Robinson on 'Hannity'

    Music icon on his new album

  8. Obama, King Talk National Security

    Rep. poised to be chairman of House Homeland Security Committee on future of fight against terrorism

  9. Hollywood Nation: World Bids Tony Curtis Farewell

    Eminem does a 360 and 'Batman' returns

  10. Ibuprofen and You

    Long-term use of ibuprofen for older adults not recommended

  11. Workplace Warning

    Persistent noise could lead to heart disease

  12. City's Blizzard Response to Blame for Death?

    Family of elderly woman who died while waiting for ambulance sues New York City

  1. Stop A Heart Attack Before It Starts?

    New implant may stop heart attacks

  2. Sex After a Heart Attack

    When is it safe to resume your romantic life?

  3. Heart Attack at 17

    Dr. Manny talks to a young athlete who seemed like the picture of health until she suffered sudden cardiac arrest at the age of 17

  4. Suspect Fakes Heart Attack

    Judge not buying court faker

  5. Cardio Concerns

    How to spot a heart attack

  6. Cardiac 'Arrest'

    Man fakes heart attack when dinner bill arrives and doctor calls cops. Judge Napolitano weighs in

  7. Sudden Death

    How common is it for a child to have a heart attack ?

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