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Flu Vaccine

Flu Vaccine for 2010

Q&A with Dr. Manny: I don't want to give my kids the H1N1 vaccine this year but I've been told I cannot get a regular flu shot without it, is this true?

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  1. Shot in the Arm

    First clinical trials begin for H1N1 vaccine

  2. Question of the Day: 10/1

    Are you going to get a swine flu vaccination ?

  3. Flu Vaccine Mania

    Will Glenn Beck be rolling up his sleeve to get the H1N1 shot?

  4. Probe of Post-Flu Shot Seizures

    Feds look incidents involving kids

  5. Flu Shot Fears

    Once-healthy 26-year-old suffers life-altering side effects after seasonal flu shot

  6. The One Thing: 10/8

    H1N1: Who do you trust?

  7. New Vaccine Schedule for Kids, Teens

    Find out which shots your child should get and when

  8. Injection Injustice?

    New Jersey mandates flu shots to go to school

  9. All They Want for Christmas

    Mall Santas lobby for priority access to H1N1 vaccine

  10. Running Out of Medicine

    Shortage of H1N1 vaccine

  11. 'Quick and Easy'

    Massachusetts dentists, pharmacists to give H1N1 vaccine

  12. Ask Dr. Siegel

    Answers to your H1N1 vaccine questions

  1. H1N1 Vaccine

    China releases World's first H1N1 vaccine

  2. Miscarriage Myth

    Dr. Manny debunks claims that receiving the H1N1 vaccine during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage

  3. Shot Down

    Big shift of opinion on H1N1 vaccine

  4. Trials Begin

    Latest on H1N1 vaccine and clarification about what's in it

  5. H1N1 Vaccine Concerns

    What you should know before you get the shot or nasal spray

  6. Targeted Campaign

    White House urges high-risk groups to get H1N1 vaccine

  7. Facing the Facts

    Doctors debate whether or not you should get H1N1 vaccine

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