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Pentagon Shifting Strategy on Bio-terror Defense

Defense Department to focus less on treatment of the infected

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  1. Update on Egg Recall

    An investigation has begun into the nationwide egg recall

  2. Japan’s Effect on the US Economy

    Can US imports be impacted by radiation?

  3. Family Defends Egg Farms

    Owner of chicken and feed supplier common to both farms linked to salmonella has history of health violations

  4. FDA: Tainted Eggs Linked to 2 Farms

    Farms cited for numerous violations

  5. Seeing the Light

    Scientists say gene therapy study is breakthrough in blindness treatment

  6. FDA Warning

    Latest cautions about certain drugs

  7. VIDEO: Meds for Baldness

    Ask Dr. Manny: Can you use a prostate drug to treat baldness?

  8. Cheerios a Drug?

    FDA: Cereal's marketing claims break health rules

  9. Washing Worries

    FDA warns about safety of contact solution for lenses

  10. Baby Imaging Ban

    Going to "boutique" ultrasound locations for a 3-D look at your baby is coming under fire

  11. Dishing the Details

    New labeling rules give shoppers more info on their foods

  12. The One Thing: 11/17

    Time to innovate our way out of this economic mess

  1. New Flu Shot Giving Young Kids Seizures?

    Feds investigate

  2. Bias Bash: Declines in Medical Innovation

    Is media ignoring important issues in favor of 'exciting' stories?

  3. Stop A Heart Attack Before It Starts?

    New implant may stop heart attacks

  4. Around the World: Protests in Philippines

    Demonstrators want to scrap plans to revive abandoned nuclear power plant after Japan disaster

  5. Egg Supplier Accused of Health Violations

    Troubled chicken farms linked to salmonella outbreak

  6. Probe of Post-Flu Shot Seizures

    Feds look incidents involving kids

  7. Investigators Probe Cause of Salmonella Outbreak

    FDA: Salmonella outbreak likely limited to 2 Iowa farms

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