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Erectile Dysfunction

VIDEO: Viagra for Fun?

Ask Dr. Manny: What do you think about recreational use of Viagra among healthy young men? Is it harmful?

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    Ask Dr. Manny: Do male enhancement pills actually work?

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    Ask Dr. Manny: My boyfriend started taking new medication that's affecting his libido. What can we do?

  3. Pill Power

    Should healthy adults be allowed to use brain-stimulating drugs?

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    Ask Dr. Manny: Can you use a prostate drug to treat baldness?

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    German man found dead in porn video booth

  1. Save Your Sex Life After E.D.

    Dr. Yvonne Fulbright gives tips to get your sex life back on track when dealing with erectile dysfunction

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    Study: More sex lowers risk of erectile dysfunction

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    Watermelon works like Viagra ?

  4. Natural Fix for E.D.

    Erectile Dysfunction affects 18 million American men. Find out how to treat it naturally and get back your sex life.

  5. Warning Sign

    Is the onset of E.D. the best predictor of cardiovascular disease?

  6. Little Blue Pill

    Study: Viagra may help women with sexual performance issues

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    Dr. Jennifer Ashton reviews week in health news