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Embryo Development

Controversial Stem Cell Procedure Has Doctors Excited

Scientists now using human embryonic stem cells on patient in experimental treatment

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  1. Major Milestone in Stem Cell Therapy

    First patient undergoes treatment in controversial study

  2. Controversial Decision

    13 embryonic stem cell lines approved for government funding

  3. 2010's Biggest Health News

    Just this year alone, we've seen a medical crisis in Haiti, healthcare reform battles, stem cell research breakthroughs and thousands of people sickened by eggs. Here is a look back at the biggest clickers of 2010

  4. Breakthrough In Stem Cell Research

    Scientists report progress in creating stem cells

  5. Could New Procedure Save Lives?

    Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg explains

  6. Stem Cells in Service of Vanity

    Hollywood doctors using adult stem cells in cosmetic surgery

  7. Stem Cell Ban Lifted?

    President Obama to allow federal funding for stem cell research