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E-coli Infection

Medicating Montezuma's Revenge

A new vaccine to prevent traveler's diarrhea

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  1. Failing Grade?

    Concerns about quality of meat served at schools

  2. CDC Warning for Barbecue Favorite

    Centers for Disease Control: Poultry causes more food poisoning outbreaks than any other food

  3. Is Your Burger Tainted?

    Thousands of people are sickened by E . coli each year - and did you know hamburgers are one of the biggest culprits? Headline Health tackles questions about the beef industry

  4. If You Can't Beat Them, Eat Them

    Feds encourage dining on lionfish to protect marine ecosystem

  5. Medical Rewind

    Dr. Cynara Coomer recaps the week's hottest health stories

  1. President Signs New Food Safety Law

    What does the new law mean for you and your family?

  2. Cavuto on Business: Calls for More Anti-Union Laws

    Will Wisconsin's budget battle spread?

  3. Toss Your Cookies

    Dr. Garner on health risks associated with eating raw cookie dough

  4. Hourly Update

    Get hourly updated headlines from FOX News Channel

  5. GVS Live Wire: 12/4

    Go behind the scenes as Greta prepares for Friday's 'On the Record'

  6. Advocates for Food Safety Bill

    A mother and Sen. Durbin comment on passage of new legislation

  7. Movie Theater Germs

    Before you see that blockbuster find out what germs could be lurking at the movie theater