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Cosmetic Procedures

Male Plastic Surgery on the Rise

More men are going under the knife

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  1. Newsflash!

    Tara Reid tells People Magazine: 'I'm not perfect'

  2. Traditional Rally With Additional Concerns

    Texas teachers, parents protest against budget cuts

  3. The Beauty of Botox

    Everyone is doing it - but is it right for you? iMag went to a famous plastic surgeon to find out!

  4. Hot-Button Topics

    Taxes and abortion coverage in health care bill stir controversy

  5. Common Sense: 11/19

    Making the rich poorer and uglier

  6. Blood Manor

    Bill Schulz visits New York's scariest Halloween destination

  7. Liberalism Running Out of Steam?

    Is name-calling from the left a sign that liberal arguments have run dry?

  8. Cutting-Edge Jaw Surgery

    When Maria Palma found out she had a rare tumor that had invaded her jaw bone – her life changed in an instant. But thanks to a cutting-edge surgery, the 28-year-old became the first person in the U.S. to leave the operating room with a new jaw and a new smile

  9. Woman's Finger Allegedly Bitten Off

    Ohio resident allegedly bites off finger of girlfriend's mother

  10. GVS LiveWire: 1/18

    Go behind the scenes as Greta prepares for Tuesday's 'On the Record'

  11. Teens Getting Botox?

    Doctors injecting teenagers for variety of perceived flaws

  12. Sports Blog: Personal Foul?

    Kilmeade on Jets' behavior around female reporter

  1. Surgery Shocker: Liposuction Performed on Awake Patients

    Procedure allows patients to stay awake

  2. Dr. Leslie Seppinni Talks Celebrities And Plastic Surgery

    Courtney Friel talks to Dr. Leslie Seppinni about the growing obession of celebrites having plastic surgery

  3. Plastic Surgery

    Docs and patients discuss today's surgeries

  4. Liposuction Power

    Beverly Hills doctor turns patients' fat into bio-diesel fuel

  5. Costly Mistake?

    New trend of heading to Mexico for cheaper plastic surgery

  6. Trend: Laser Hair Removal for Teens

    Teens are adding laser treatments to their back to school regimen

  7. Stem Cells in Service of Vanity

    Hollywood doctors using adult stem cells in cosmetic surgery

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