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Cardio Health

Healthy Smile, Healthy Heart ?

Dr. Manny discusses how going for a simple teeth cleaning and dental exam could discover if you will have a healthy heart in the future

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  1. White House's Japan Response Raises Eyebrows

    Does the president have his priorities in order?

  2. Music: Good for Your Heart?

    Don't turn those Christmas carols off just yet. A new study shows joyful music can benefit your heart

  3. Is Your Heart Shrinking?

    Fifty may not be so nifty! Researchers find why being "over the hill" may shrink your heart

  4. Atkins the Way to Go?

    Research shows low-carb diet may be better for your heart

  5. Staying Young: Body & Mind

    See how a group of senior men are staying young with a trendy exercise

  6. Supplement Differences

    What are the differences between Co Q 10 and Omega 3 fish oil?

  7. Don't Sweat It

    Personal trainer argues cardiovascular workouts may actually make you gain weight

  8. Warning Sign

    Is the onset of E.D. the best predictor of cardiovascular disease?

  9. The 'Heart' Truth: Shocking Statistics

    CDC: 425,000 die of heart disease a year

  10. Living Longer and Healthier

    Can diet and lifestyle choices extend life?

  11. Everything We Know About Nutrition Wrong?

    Men's Journal sets new guidelines for eating right

  12. Myth or Fact: Pine Bark

    Can pine bark lower blood pressure?

  1. Heart Health

    Dr. Rosenfeld sheds some light on cardiac arrest

  2. Healthy Heart Tips

    The summer sun shouldn't stop your stride. Keep your ticker kicking with some simple tips

  3. Heart Health and the Dentist

    Heart murmur patients don't need antibiotics at dentist

  4. More Healthy Reasons to Raise a Glass

    Drinking wine will give you more than just a healthy heart . Find out why you should start sipping both red and white wine.

  5. Training Too Hard?

    Screening heart health of athletes

  6. Appearances Can Be Deceiving

    Trainer says Michael Jackson may have had dangerous belly fat despite looking thin in clothing

  7. Star Gets Serious About Stroke

    Her character, Erica Kane, is known for breaking hearts on 'All My Children,' but Susan Lucci's newest role could be saving lives. Dr. Manny sits down with Susan and her husband to talk about raising awareness for atrial fibrillation and stroke

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