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Breast Cancer

Not Your Average Breast Cancer Patient

Ask Dr. Manny Show: Breast cancer is not just your mother's disease. Young women and men are also at risk and we will bring you their survival stories

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  1. Screening Safety

    Even more new guidelines for women and breast cancer ?

  2. Risks vs. Benefits

    Should women get mammograms before age 50?

  3. 'Kaleidoscope' of Survivors

    Olivia Newton-John on surviving cancer, a special Thanksgiving show and her new Christmas CD

  4. Importance of Early Detection

    Stephen Baldwin on breast cancer awareness

  5. 'Bankrupt the Nation'

    Republican Sen. Barrasso balks at cost of health care reform

  6. Mammogram Safety

    Q&A With Dr. Manny: How much radiation do mammograms emit? Are they safe?

  7. How to Recognize Breast Cancer Symptoms

    Learn how to recognize breast cancer symptoms with these guidelines from

  8. After the Show Show: Blast From the Past

    Hank Williams recordings; riding for breast cancer awareness

  9. Super Glue Surgery

    Doctors use medical glue to close holes in a baby's brain due to vein of Galen malformation

  10. Mammogram Controversy

    Is preventative care being replaced by rationed care?

  11. Elizabeth Hurley Raising Breast Cancer Awareness

    Actress teams with folks at Estee Lauder to launch global campaign

  12. After the Show Show: Curing Breast Cancer

    Nancy Brinker talks family, cancer and cures

  1. Start Screening After 50?

    Major changes to breast cancer screening recommendations

  2. Breast Cancer Notebook

    You have breast cancer , now what? A survivor tells her story and shares information for the newly diagnosed

  3. Early Detection Debate

    Breast cancer survivor reacts to new mammograms guidelines

  4. After the Show Show: 10/5

    Tour de Pink for breast cancer survivors

  5. Cause for Concern?

    Breast cancer ambassador on new screening guidelines

  6. Skin Deep

    Study: Moisturizers containing estrogen could cause breast cancer

  7. Controversial Recommendation

    Government changes guidelines about age women should begin regular mammograms

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