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Body Aches And Pains

Chronic Pain Therapies

Ways to help beat chronic pain

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  1. VIDEO: Reason for Flu Season

    Ask Dr. Manny: Why don't people get the flu in the summer?

  2. VIDEO: Reason for Flu Season

    Ask Dr. Manny: Why don't people get the flu in the summer?

  3. Convictions in Anna Nicole Smith Drug Case

    Celebrity's doctor acquitted, psychiatrist and boyfriend convicted

  4. Epidural Without Guilt

    Some women swear by epidurals, while others swear at them. Now in his new book "Epidural Without Guilt," anesthesiologist Dr. Gilbert Grant answers questions that moms-to-be have been asking for years

  5. Is Your Vagina Depressed?

    Imagine living with intense chronic pain down there and having to give up sex. Hear one patient's story

  6. Hearing Loss Concerns

    Anti-inflammatory drugs could lead to hearing loss

  7. Killer System?

    Canadian brain tumor survivor warns U.S. about national health care

  8. Contact Lens Dangers

    What you need to know before you pop in those lenses

  9. New Treatment for Shoulder Pain

    Shoulder implants are giving patients better mobility after surgery

  10. Cannabis Controversy

    Dr. Manny and Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter chat about all the fuss about legalizing medicinal marijuana

  11. Ibuprofen and You

    Long-term use of ibuprofen for older adults not recommended

  12. VIDEO: Super PMS

    Ask Dr. Manny: What can you tell me about premenstrual dysphoric disorder?

  1. Is Love a Natural Painkiller?

    Research shows the effect of passion and romance

  2. Alleviate Chronic Pain

    Cupping, brain music therapy and lasers are just some of the alternative ways to alleviate chronic pain

  3. Spicing Up Your Health

    Seven spices that can give your health a boost

  4. Dr. Marc Siegel

    Beware of your pain reliever?

  5. R U Txting 2 Much?

    Your hand-held devices may be more of a pain than a benefit. Learn how to get rid of those aches without surgery

  6. Illness Plagues Playboy Mansion?

    Over 200 people fall ill with a respiratory infection that attended a fundraiser at Hefner's home

  7. VIDEO: Botox for Pain

    Ask Dr. Manny: What are the long terms effects of using Botox?

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