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Birth Defect

Birth Defect Concerns

Dangers of taking certain medications when you're pregnant

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  1. Medical Rewind

    Dr. Marc Siegel recaps week in health news

  2. White House Press Corps on 'FNS'

    Three members of media recall Tony Snow's ability to corral an unruly press corps, stick to his guns without alienating reporters

  3. Paying Tribute

    'The O'Reilly Factor' remembers the life and career of Tony Snow

  4. 'Growing Up Twisted'

    Rocker Dee Snider talks about his career and new television project

  5. Fear Greater Danger than Radiation?

    Stress may be more hazardous than nukes

  6. Nuclear State of Emergency in Japan

    Threat to American mainland?

  7. Vanessa Minnillo on Celebrity Response to Crisis in Japan

    Hollywood stars take up cause

  8. Uncut: Condoleezza Rice 'On the Record'

    Former Secretary of State discusses career in Washington, her parents, new memoir and more

  9. Infertility Treatment - Right or Privilege?

    Debate on national mandate

  10. Sneak Peek: Condoleezza Rice 'On the Record'

    Former Secretary of State discusses race and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright with Greta

  11. Prescription Error Could Cost Women Unborn Child

    19-year-old given wrong drug

  12. World According to Dee

    Twisted Sister's Dee Snider discusses the day's top entertainment stories and his new show on 'A&E'

  1. Endangered Babies

    New study reveals 'lengthy list' of birth defects tied to diabetic mothers

  2. Teen Rugby Player Dies at Match

    Colorado coroner says the 17-year-old died from cardiac arrest caused by birth defect

  3. Dog Saved By Trainer

    Young woman watches her boxer collapse during a training class, dog revived by CPR

  4. Understanding Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome

    Dr. Manny talks about a congenital heart condition that threatened the life of one boy. His parents talk about his condition with a pediatric cardiologist on DotCom Live

  5. Forensic Clues

    How will doctors determine Jett Travolta's cause of death?

  6. 'True Gentleman'

    Bret Baier shares memories of his special relationship with Tony Snow

  7. Sudden Death

    How common is it for a child to have a heart attack?

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