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American Cancer Society

Hundreds Participate in Walk for Life Event

Teens killed by mother honored at fundraiser

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  1. Risks vs. Benefits

    Should women get mammograms before age 50?

  2. Pinheads & Patriots: 10/29

    Hilary Swank: pinhead or patriot?

  3. Screening Safety

    Even more new guidelines for women and breast cancer?

  4. Sex Etc.

    Magazine gives sex tips to teens

  5. Checkup With Dr. Coomer

    Dr. Cynara Coomer looks at some of the stories that made headlines for the week of Nov. 15 on

  6. Cause for Concern?

    Breast cancer ambassador on new screening guidelines

  7. VIDEO: Is Deodorant Linked to Cancer?

    Ask Dr. Manny: Can antiperspirant cause breast cancer?

  8. Controversial Recommendation

    Government changes guidelines about age women should begin regular mammograms

  9. Medical Rewind

    Dr. Jennifer Ashton recaps the week in health news

  10. Dr. Manny on Imus

    Dr. Manny discusses the new mammogram recommendations and other heath headlines on "Imus in the Morning"

  1. Start Screening After 50?

    Major changes to breast cancer screening recommendations

  2. Longer You Sit, Shorter Your Life

    Study suggests sitting shortens lifespan

  3. Risks Outweigh the Benefits?

    Former FDA official now warning about Lasik eye surgery

  4. State of the Art Treatment

    Dr. Samadi takes robotic surgery to Israel

  5. Rationed Care?

    Critics call new mammogram guidelines 'rationing'

  6. Skin Cancer Increase

    Study finds 50% spike in melanoma among women from 1980-2004

  7. Not Your Average Breast Cancer Patient

    Ask Dr. Manny Show: Breast cancer is not just your mother's disease. Young women and men are also at risk and we will bring you their survival stories