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Custom Knee Replacement

New technology creates custom knee replacements to help patients live pain-free

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  1. Checkup in 60 Seconds

    Dr. Cynara Coomer looks at some of the stories that made headlines for the week of Oct. 4 on

  2. Not Your Average Breast Cancer Patient

    Ask Dr. Manny Show: Breast cancer is not just your mother's disease. Young women and men are also at risk and we will bring you their survival stories

  3. Heart Matters

    What killed TV's popular pitchman Billy Mays?

  4. Agony of the Feet?

    Running barefoot is becoming a new trend, but is it safe?

  5. Medical Miracle

    Legally blind man now able to see

  6. Elvis Is in the Building

    Stingray and the Jailhouse Rockers honor the 32nd anniversary of 'The King's' death

  7. Cord Blood Miracle

    See how umbilical cord blood reversed the effects of cerebral palsy for one little girl

  8. Obama's Former Doctor

    Dr. Scheiner criticizes the president's health care plan

  9. Ask Dr. Manny Show: S-E-X

    A healthy sex life is key to a healthy relationship. Dr. Manny helps a couple who need to spice things up in the bedroom

  10. Stress Relief for Soldiers

    One in 7 soldiers return home with post-traumatic stress disorder. Now some military vets have found a peaceful way to deal with war through yoga

  11. Movie Theater Germs

    Before you see that blockbuster find out what germs could be lurking at the movie theater

  12. Pill Power

    Should healthy adults be allowed to use brain-stimulating drugs?

  1. How to Quit Smoking

    Tips to help you kick the habit

  2. Health Hazard

    EPA: Global warming poses serious health threat

  3. Life-Saving Surgery

    Medical 'Krazy Glue' plugs holes in baby's brain

  4. Mean Girls

    Study: Plastic chemical tied to aggression in young girls

  5. VIDEO: Battling Bedwetting

    Ask Dr. Manny: My 10-year-old still wets the bed. Do you have any suggestions to make him stop?

  6. Kids and Allergies

    Dr. Manny discuss how to comfort your tot during allergy season

  7. Flying Fears

    Government to start H1N1 screening at airports

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