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Health Care Proposal

'Phantom Amendments'

Secret changes to health care proposal raises questions about transparency

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  1. Stimulus Sequel?

    Sen. McConnell: Obama's push for health care reform very similar to 'failed' $787 billion stimulus bill

  2. Breaking the Bank?

    Did Democrats lowball price tag of health care reform?

  3. With or Without You

    Some Republicans dispute report Dems will go it alone on final health care plan

  4. Play or Pay

    Senate bill would fine people refusing health coverage

  5. Tea Party's Warning to Winning Candidates

    Movement vows to hold elected officials accountable

  6. Sen. McConnell on 'FNS'

    Senate minority leader on health care reform battle

  7. One Party System?

    Is there a real difference between Dems and GOP?

  8. Mitch McConnell

    Senate minority leader reacts to Obama blasting GOP for running up deficit

  9. Fox News Exclusive: President Obama

    Part 1: The president sits down with FNC's Bret Baier to discuss the health care reform bill

  10. Final Fight

    McCain and Obama campaign in battleground states of Ohio and Pennsylvania

  11. Out of Her League?

    Why does Sarah Palin take so much heat?

  1. 'Deeply Un-American'

    Daniel Hannan blasts universal health care proposal

  2. Hannity's America: 6/30

    Obama adviser admits flaw in health care proposal

  3. Suzanne Somers on Fighting Fat

    Suzanne Somers on Fighting Fat

  4. GOP Preparing Health Care Alternative

    Republicans figuring out replacement plan after repeal vote

  5. Obama's Former Doctor

    Dr. Scheiner criticizes the president's health care plan

  6. Use Your Head: 8/14

    TARP funds coming to an apartment building near you?

  7. Talking Politics!

    Rep. Clyburn on policy!