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Haiti Children

Journalist Warned Church Group in Haiti

Reporter who advised Americans not to remove children from country speaks out

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  1. Quake Effects on Children

    How are images from Japan affecting American kids?

  2. Help for Haitian Orphans

    Help for Haiti Act of 2010 will speed up stalled adoptions

  3. Geraldo Rivera on 'America Live'

    'Geraldo at Large' host on American missionaries charged with abduction in Haiti

  4. Treating Haiti's Most Precious Assets

    Geraldo goes inside monumental effort of administering medical care to children

  5. Bringing Christmas to Haiti

    Greta and Palin family help Rev. Graham's Samaritan's Purse hand out gifts to Haitian children

  6. Dire Medical Situation in Haiti

    Dr. Manny Alvarez says 'health crisis can only get worse before it gets better'

  7. U.S. Baptists Charged in Haiti

    Prosecutor slaps kidnapping charges on American missionaries

  8. Boy Raises 150,000 for Haiti Relief

    Seven-year-old rides bike for charity

  9. Detained Americans in Haiti Speak Out

    Detained missionaries questioned in Haitian jail cell

  10. White House Using Scare Tactics in Spending Cut Fight?

    USAID head: GOP budget will kill 70,000 children

  11. Hurdles Facing Adoptive Parents of Haitian Orphans

    Red tape keeps parents from breathing easy

  12. U.S. Family Adopts Haitian Girl

    Colorado couple gives home to one of the many orphans in the country

  1. U.S. Troops Help Rebuild Haiti

    More than 6,000 U.S. troops aid in Haiti relief effort

  2. Americans in Haiti Charged w/ Kidnapping

    10 Americans held in Haiti

  3. Haiti Nears Quake Anniversary

    How nation is rebuilding and how you can help

  4. Wife: U.S. Pastor Jailed in Haiti for No Reason

    Woman fighting to free husband who has been locked away for months without charges

  5. Church Group Accused of Kidnapping Orphans

    U.S. diplomats detained in Haiti for trying to take children out of country

  6. U.S. Helping Jailed Americans in Haiti ?

    State Department spokesman on measures being taken in arrest of missionaries

  7. Orphans Awaiting Transport to America

    Paperwork complications keeping some children in Haiti

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