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Haiti Adoption

Japanese 'Uncomfortable' With Adoption Inquiries

Experts say quake orphans will be looked after

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  1. Help for Haitian Orphans

    Help for Haiti Act of 2010 will speed up stalled adoptions

  2. Church Group Accused of Kidnapping Orphans

    U.S. diplomats detained in Haiti for trying to take children out of country

  3. Orphans Awaiting Transport to America

    Paperwork complications keeping some children in Haiti

  4. U.S. Family Adopts Haitian Girl

    Colorado couple gives home to one of the many orphans in the country

  5. Still Buried Beneath Bank Rubble

    Cheap building materials gave employees no chance when earthquake hit Haiti

  6. Hurdles Facing Adoptive Parents of Haitian Orphans

    Red tape keeps parents from breathing easy