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Obama Offers Condolences to Japan, Addresses U.S. Energy Policy

President pledges disaster aid and talks domestic oil

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  1. Did GOP Give Away Too Much?

    Rep. Garrett scores outcome of lame-duck session

  2. Lavish Retreat?

    Social Security Admin spending our dollars

  3. Is Military Voting Act Working?

    Because You Asked: Current status of military absentee ballots

  4. Fuzzy Math?

    Two lawmakers debate the costs of the Baucus bill

  5. Luxury on Your Dime

    Social Security Administration holds training conference at upscale resort at taxpayers' expense

  6. China's Military Power Spooking Pentagon?

    U.S. officials intently watching rising power's army, weapons development

  7. Financial Favorites?

    Why should Calif. get federal aid when other states balanced their budgets?

  1. Obama: Thoughts, Prayers With People of Japan

    President on earthquake, tsunami

  2. Did Illinois Miss the Deadline?

    One county admits to missing military ballot deadline, Justice Department wants answers

  3. Man to Sue Secret Service?

    Federal court tells Colorado man he can sue the Secret Service for arrest after encounter with former Vice President Dick Cheney

  4. RNC, Tea Party at Odds?

    Chairman Michael Steele on how movement's influence will play out on Election Day and beyond

  5. Gutfeld: Clock Ticking on Earth Hour?

    Global fad of turning off electricity may be over

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  7. Political Grapevine: 12/15

    Congressional push to drop charges against three Navy SEALs