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Trying to Avoid a Greek Tragedy

Rep. Paul Ryan on how U.S. can avoid a debt crisis like Greece

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  1. Protests Turn Violent Over Austerity Cuts in Brussels

    EU Parliament member Daniel Hannan on financial crisis hitting Europe , Libyan conflict

  2. Protesters Clash with Police in Athens

    Economy in turmoil

  3. Obama Addresses Nation on Libya

    President explains U.S. involvement in international effort to prevent humanitarian crisis

  4. What's Job Number 1 for New Congress?

    Incoming Republican Senator Mark Kirk on getting off to fast start in the Senate

  5. Appeasing Iran?

    Author Mike Evan tries to convince Alan that it is a mistake for the U.S. to talk with Iran's top nuclear official

  6. The People's Choice

    New Year's edition of the Friday Lightning Round

  7. Sen. Tom Coburn on 'FNS'

    'Dr. No' talks debt and taxes

  8. Kentucky GOP Senate Candidate

    Rand Paul on primary victory over Trey Grayson

  9. The One Thing: 11/30

    California is in the same sad shape as Dubai

  10. Newt Gingrich on 'FNS'

    Former speaker of the House on what to expect in midterm elections

  11. Control Spending or Face 'Apocalyptic Pain'?

    Sen. Coburn says out-of-control debt could deal devastating blow to economy

  12. Bombs Target Embassies in Greece

    Raw video : Athens on alert after attacks blamed on far-left domestic extremists

  1. How Does GOP Plan to Cut Spending?

    Rep. Jordan lays out where Washington can trim the fat

  2. Clinton Talks Ongoing Situation In Libya

    Clinton: Arab participation critical

  3. Powerful Bomb Explodes in Athens

    Greek police blame anarchists

  4. Prostitution Probe Could Sink Berlusconi

    Italy's controversial leader accused of paying for sex with teen

  5. The One Thing: 5/17

    Two views on the road to recovery: Which do you believe is true?

  6. Angry Protesters Hit Streets in Athens

    Greece faces general strike over austerity moves

  7. Around the World

    Wave of riots in Greece ; Hajj pilgrims head to Mecca

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