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Google Buzz Has Serious Privacy Flaws

Users of Google's new social-media utility Buzz are claiming it could allow anyone to see who they have been e-mailing. The world's number one search engine claims Buzz lets users "share updates, photos, videos, and more." But users have discovered that unless privacy settings are changed, Buzz publicly shares details of users' contacts.When creating a new account, a dialogue box asks you to create a profile and upload a photograph. Buzz then automatically builds you a buddy list based on names in your Gmail account. But it then makes this list public on your profile, by default.It is a bit like someone being able to peek inside your e-mail folders -- and users who spotted the flaw are astounded."In my profession, where anonymous sourcing is a crucial tool, the implications of this flaw are terrifying," said Buzz user and journalist Nicholas Carson writing for Business Insider."Google should just ask users, 'Do you want to follow these people we've suggested you follow, based on the fa...

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