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George Soros

George Soros Smears Fox News

Far-left financier likens FNC to Nazis

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  1. Beck: Japanese Meltdown Looming

    Will quake trigger global economic crisis?

  2. Beck: Your Vote Matters

    Americans unite on common principles

  3. Stossel Ponies Up After Losing Bet With O'Reilly

    John giving $10,000 to charity of Bill's choice after Californians reject pot proposition

  4. Beck: Understanding Obama's World View

    Facts about president's upbringing explain a lot

  5. $2 Billion to Fund South American Oil Industry?

    Gulf Oil CEO Joe Petrowski on drilling in Brazil, soaring oil prices, industry jobs

  6. Beck: Taxing Times

    White House White Board 'explains' tax plan

  7. Beck: U.S. Unwittingly Aiding Al Qaeda in Libya?

    Will terror group exploit power vacuum created by weakened or ousted Qaddafi?

  8. Ann Coulter on Predictions of GOP Blowout

    Conservative columnist reacts to new polls

  9. Panel Plus: 10/10

    'Fox News Sunday' panel discusses Democrats' charge on fundraising

  10. Massive Recall Effort Against GOP in Wisconsin

    Lou Dobbs on whether push will have chilling effect in other states

  11. After the Show Show: Pumpkin Carving

    Preparing for Halloween with scary pumpkins

  12. Beck: Birth Pangs

    An event is coming, and it's getting closer and closer

  1. The O'Reilly Factor

    Friday, 8/11p ET: Glenn Beck on George Soros's strategy to strike at Fox! Plus, could "Sarah Palin's Alaska" be forced to pay big bucks in a lawsuit? Find out on the ‘Factor!’

  2. Beck: You Have to Vote

    Expect intimidation. Expect fraud. But make your voice heard

  3. Beck: Time to Decide

    'Twas the night before the election

  4. Why Is Obama Meeting With Far-Left Bloggers?

    Democratic strategist Joe Trippi on president meeting with liberal writers, George Soros

  5. Beck: 12 Signs Economy May Tank

    Where is the 'smart money' going?

  6. Does Trump Have What It Takes to Be President?

    Glenn Beck analyzes O'Reilly's interview with the real estate mogul

  7. Beck: Three Reasons to Be Wary of Google, Part 1

    Search giant too cozy with government and hard-core leftists?

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