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Fox Week In Review, 6/15/08

Midwest under water, offshore drilling, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mideast cease-fire, gay marriage, pregnant teens, Tiger sidelined, Tim Russert, Cyd Charisse, and ice on Mars

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  1. FOX Week In Review 5/11/08

    Bush speech triggers uproar; on the campaign trail, oil prices soar, desperate relief efforts in China and Burma, arson suspect in Fl wildfires, gay marriage in CA and UFOs in Britain

  2. Fox Week In Review, 6/8/08

    Mid-America floods, deadly tornado, California wildfires, Texas mansion burns, high court ruling, high gas prices, tainted tomatoes, a nail in the head

  3. FOX Week In Review, 6/1/2008

    Race for the White House, Air Force shake-up, airline cutbacks, jobs lost, obits and a studio burns

  4. FOX Week In Review 5/4/08

    Obama and Clinton, Myanmar disaster, tornadoes and volcanoes, a university drug bust, Russia shows off and a country star dies

  5. FOX Week In Review, 5/25/08

    Wicked weather, book buzz, tributes, pastor disaster, transportation tragedies, mission to Mars, obits, and a crane collapse

  6. FOX Week In Review 4/27/08

    Obama denounces Wright, Clinton visits the No Spin Zone, severe storms hit several states, DC Madam dies, no cheering at ASU

  7. FOX Week In Review, 10/3/2008

    Financial rescue, battle for Wachovia, VP debate, Somali pirates, train crash, SAG strike threat, Fossett mystery, return of Intrepid