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Michael Vick

Dungys Promote a Family-Friendly Message

Former NFL coach and wife on their new children’s book, family, Michael Vick

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    Michael Vick returns to NFL after being signed by Philadelphia Eagles

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    Does Michael Vick deserve a second chance?

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    Michael Vick's Eagles soar past Falcons

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    Predictions: Don't bet on Vick

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    Kilmeade's Super Bowl prediction; Vick's next destination

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    Tucker Carlson on Michael Steele's struggle to save his job

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    Was coach Shanahan's decision personal?

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    How consequences for Vikings' QB differ from other troubled athletes

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    Do Rex Ryan's foot fetish videos violate NFL's code of conduct?

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    Rich 'Big Daddy' Salgado's upset of the week

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    The hosts chat about vegetables, weekend baseball, and more

  1. 'I Was Wrong'

    A grateful Michael Vick thanks Philadelphia Eagles organization for second chance, vows to serve community

  2. Does Vick Deserve President’s Praise?

    Obama gives kudos to Philadelphia Eagles for giving Michael Vick second chance

  3. SportsBlog: 9/25

    Michael Vick contradicting himself?

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    Caller chimes in on Michael Vick

  5. Obama Praises Eagles for Vick's 'Second Chance'

    Panel debates president's response to ex-convict's comeback

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    Philadelphia Eagles QB starting to soar

  7. President Obama Praises Eagles

    Thinks Vick deserved a second chance

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