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Fantasy Football

The big business of fantasy football

‘The League’ Katie Aselton on the success of the show and the popularity of fantasy football .

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  1. Should employers welcome March Madness into the workplace?

    Goviva President Rob Tuchman on why companies are being more lenient with their employees

  2. ON FOOTBALL: Once more, NFL players follow the money in free agency

    Hidden money, dead money, funny money.They all apply to NFL free agency, where the price tags never really are what the teams, agents or players say they are.Sure, t...

  3. The Finances of a Fantasy Football Player

    Forget the old notion of football widows, or wives who lose their husbands to NFL games all Sunday long as they watch their favorite teams play throughout the season...

  4. Fantasy Football Gets Real With Insurance, Lawyers

    When you manage a league in the fantasy sports world, you might consider hiring a lawyer, or buying some insurance in the real world.While pen-and-paper fantasy spor...

  5. Wide Write: Fantasy Football Sleepers

    “Sleeper” is one of the most overused terms in fantasy football, ranking behind only a host of expletives used by fantasy owners each week when their players get hur...

  6. Insure Your Fantasy Football Team

    Fantasy Sports Insurance Founder Anthony Giaccone on the insurance for your fantasy football team.

  7. How to Increase Your Chances of Winning Fantasy Football

    Numberfire CEO Nick Bonaddio on using mathematics to turn misleading sports data into winning predictions.

  8. TiVo Offers Fantasy Football Service

    A new TiVo Inc. ( TIVO ) service set to debut Thursday will let some fantasy football fans stay glued to their televisions even while making changes to their team ro...

  9. Study: Fantasy Football Costs Businesses $1.1 Billion a Year

    Office workers combing the league waiver wire for running backs or back-up quarterbacks are part of a growing number of fantasy football owners costing employers as ...

  10. Yahoo Sues NFL Players Association Over Fantasy Football Stats

    Yahoo Inc. has sued the NFL Players Association, claiming it shouldn't have to pay royalties to use players' statistics, photos and other data in its popular online ...

  11. FANTASY GRIND: Injuries, lots of injuries; red zone numbers; Stefanile on 2 QB leagues

    The easiest one-word summary of the 2013 fantasy football season so far: Ouch.Injuries to Reggie Wayne, Sam Bradford, Doug Martin, Jermichael Finley and a bunch of o...

  12. FANTASY GRIND: Bold moves, ESPN injury expert Bell

    The fantasy football playoffs are getting close — time to keep an extra eye out for maneuvers that seem wacky and unexpected opportunities.With Seattle and Cincinnat...

  1. Gridiron Legend Jerry Rice on Fantasy Football

    Football legend Jerry Rice on teaming up with Intel to provide the best experience to fantasy football fanatics.

  2. Insurance for Fantasy Football ?’s Gabrielle Karol on insurance providers and lawyers cashing in on fantasy football .

  3. Use fantasy football strategies in the markets?

    ‘The League’ actor Steve Rannazzisi, ‘The League’ producer Jeff Schaffer and United Advisors’ Scott Martin compare fantasy football strategies with investing strategies.

  4. Husband addicted to fantasy football : Normal or Nuts?

    Dr. Keith Ablow weighs in

  5. The Business of Fantasy Football

    Fantasy football drafts for the 2012 season are underway in offices, college dorms and schools nationwide, as men and women of all ages gear up for this year’s highl...

  6. Gaming laws could pose risk for fantasy football craze

    The trash talk around the water cooler is already underway as hordes of fantasy football players get ready to draft their teams. The NFL has even gotten into the act...

  7. Fantasy football players can now buy insurance to protect their 'investment'

    As lawmakers face off in Washington, tackling budget issues while playing offense or defense for President Obama's health care plan, some Americans are buying insura...

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