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Dan Henning

New rating lows for President Obama?

Dan Henninger of The Wall Street Journal weighs in on President Obama.

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  1. Journal Editorial Report 8/1

    Obama administration attempting to turn new leaf with world adversaries

  2. Dolphins' Sparano receives contract extension

    Tony Sparano stared into space stone-faced, tapping his foot and chomping on gum.Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland also wore a somber expression, his cheek...

  3. Daboll becomes Dolphins' offensive coordinator

    New Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Brian Daboll strayed from the lectern as he began to speak more excitedly. He chopped the air with his hands, waved his arms...

  4. Dolphins say lack of speed has hampered success

    A lack of an offensive punch has hurt the Miami Dolphins , especially in their last three games when they only scored a combined 34 points.Now out of the playoffs, t...

  5. Parcells turns over control of Dolphins to GM Ireland; Parcells will remain as consultant

    Bill Parcells is putting his protege in charge.The Miami Dolphins ' football czar has given control of the team to general manager Jeff Ireland but will retain a rol...

  6. Ryan's Budget Key to Putting GOP Back in White House?

    WSJ Opinion Page Deputy Editor Dan Henninger discusses Rep. Paul Ryan's proposed budget plan.

  7. Did Merkel Outmaneuver President Obama?

    The Wall Street Journal’s Dan Henninger argues Fed action is an effort to plug up holes in the European banking system.

  8. Sizing Up GOP Candidates' Economic Policies

    Wall Street Journal's Dan Henninger breaks down the Republican candidates' different economic policies ahead of the Iowa caucus.

  9. Tech Troubles Top the Headlines

    FBN’s Stuart Varney breaks down the best form this episode of Varney & Co.

  10. Obama's Approval Rating Slipping

    WSJ's Dan Henninger breaks down what's adding to President Obama's woes.

  11. Henninger: When Will the Recovery Come?

    WSJ Opinion Page Deputy Editor Dan Henninger on the economic recovery and historical comparisons to previous recessions.

  12. President Obama's Digital Advantage in Elections

    Dan Henninger of the Wall Street Journal on the GOP's electronic disadvantage in the next election.

  1. What to expect from tech in 2014? science and tech editor weighs in on Twitter stock and what to expect from tech in 2014.

  2. Will Obama accept a government meltdown?

    Dan Henninger of The Wall Street Journal weighs in on the crisis in Washington.

  3. Saving Jobs with ObamaCare Delay?

    WSJ’s Dan Henninger on the reasons behind the ObamaCare delay.

  4. Does Obama Want to go Over the Fiscal Cliff?

    WSJ’s Dan Henninger on President Obama’s strategy on the fiscal cliff debate.

  5. Can Evangelicals Help Romney Take Election?

    The Wall Street Journal’s Dan Henninger on the support for the Romney/Ryan campaign from Evangelical groups.

  6. The Journal Editorial Report: 7/10

    Closer look at controversial recess appointee's health care views

  7. Blame Biden?

    How the vice president could be answering for a rocky Sotomayor confirmation

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