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Teen Dies on Treadmill

Active runner's sudden death shocks friends, family

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  1. Another Dangerous Diet Fad

    Women injecting themselves with pregnancy hormone, eating 500 calories a day in new crash diet

  2. Why Your Next Vacation Should Be a Cruise

    Travel expert breaks down the benefits of traveling the high seas

  3. Want a Hot Hollywood Body?

    Celebrity trainer Joe Dowdell gets you in shape with a workout designed exclusively for his star clients.

  4. Gadgets and Games: 12/4

    Clayton Morris and 'Strategy Room' guests discuss the CrunchPad, Verizon vs. AT&T, and the future of Hulu

  5. Men's Fitness: Beat the Holiday Bulge!

    How to pump up and keep those pounds down.

  6. Let's Get Physical

    Treadmills for toddlers: Anti-obesity tool or death of playtime?

  7. Shirtless President

    Press goes wild over beachfront Obama photo

  8. Fresh Start

    Learn from the best: Training camp for greatness

  9. Navy Wife Wants You to Get 'Crossfit'

    Sara Wilkinson balances being a military wife, a mother of two and staying in shape

  10. Offbeat: 8/12

    James Baraz joins Alan

  11. 'No Needle Marks'

    MJ's friend and trainer says he didn't see any signs of the King of Pop's impending death

  12. No Thanks

    Gov. Jindal tells 'FOX & Friends' he's not interested in VP spot

  1. Treadmill Shrimp

    Crustacean gets tough workout

  2. Hotel Photos: Things Aren’t Always What They Seem gives the ‘real’ reviews of luxury hotels

  3. Penn State's THON

    46-hour dancing for kids with cancer

  4. Beck: Yes I Can

    True freedom means taking responsibility for what is happening in your life

  5. Report: Heart Disease Treatment Cost to Triple by 2030

    Dr. Siegel on how to tackle skyrocketing cost of care

  6. After the Show Show: Bill Phillips

    'Body for Life' author on helping troops

  7. Keeping Fit in Zero Gravity

    NASA is finding ways to stay in shape in space, asking college students for ideas

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