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Should US get more involved in Ukraine?

'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

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  1. Baltic state of Estonia adopts the euro

    The Baltic state of Estonia early Saturday became the 17th European Union member to adopt the joint European currency, the euro.The small nation's decision to change...

  2. Estonia Prepares to Embrace the Euro

    The Baltic nation of Estonia was preparing Friday to become the first former Soviet republic to join the eurozone, giving a vote of confidence to European nations wo...

  3. Will Canada wait for US on Keystone Pipeline?

    Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird reacts

  4. Benefits of the Keystone Pipeline

    Author of “The Frackers” and special writer for The Wall Street Journal Gregory Zuckerman talked about the benefits of the Keystone Pipeline and why it needs to be built.

  5. Pro-Kremlin Activist Claims Responsibility for Estonia Cyberattack

    An activist with a pro-Kremlin youth group said Thursday he and his friends were behind an electronic attack on Estonia two years ago that paralyzed the NATO state's...

  6. Protestors, Police Continue to Clash in Estonia Over Soviet War Memorial

    Police fired rubber bullets and a water cannon at hundreds of protesters in Estonia's capital Friday in a second night of rioting by ethnic Russians angry over the r...

  7. Special Report Online: 4/9/14

    Obama's push for equal pay for women

  8. Removal of Soviet War Memorial Sparks Deadly Riots in Estonia

    Russian lawmakers called for sanctions against Estonia on Friday after authorities here removed a Soviet war memorial, carrying out a plan that provoked deadly stree...

  9. Estonia Charges Solo Hacker for Crippling Cyberattacks

    The weeks-long cyberattack that crippled the Baltic nation of Estonia last spring may have been the work of one young man.Regional prosecutors announced Thursday tha...

  10. Estonia makes human trafficking illegal

    Estonia's Parliament passed legislation on Wednesday banning human trafficking and making the Baltic nation the last EU country to enact such laws.The lawmakers vote...

  11. Estonia : Ex-security official convicted of treason

    A former security official in Estonia has been convicted of treason and will spend 16 years in prison, while his wife received a suspended six-year sentence for trea...

  12. Estonian rescue spokesman says 10 children were killed in orphanage fire in western Estonia

    An Estonian rescue spokesman says 10 children were killed in an orphanage fire on Sunday in western Estonia.There were 37 children and nine adults inside the wooden ...

  1. US Senator McCain mocks EU's response to Ukraine crisis, says Russia sanctions 'almost a joke'

    Sen. John McCain of Arizona has dismissed the European Union's sanctions on Russia following the crisis in Ukraine as "almost a joke" during a tour of the Baltic cou...

  2. Is Russia looking to create a new Soviet Union?

    Rep. Mike Pompeo explains why Moscow's military buildup is worrying Ukraine

  3. Russia signs border treaty with Estonia , last Baltic country to formalize border with Russia

    The Russian and Estonian foreign ministers have signed a border treaty between the two countries, the last Baltic country to formalize its border with Russia.Sergey ...

  4. Is Ukraine crisis reaching its tipping point?

    Foreign Policy Initiative's Robert Zarate lays out Vladimir Putin's strategy for eastern Ukraine

  5. Estonia's euro joy dampened by EU debt crisis

    Despite a hellish year for the euro, the tiny Baltic nation of Estonia will be joining the single currency club as the champagne corks pop at midnight on New Year's ...

  6. Foreign policy expert: Fate of Ukraine is uncertain

    Foreign Policy Initiative's James Kirchick on Ukraine's fear of a possible Russian invasion

  7. Third Night of Violence in Estonia As Defense Ministry Exhumes War Memorial

    Estonia braced itself Saturday for a third night of violence after the Defense Ministry announced it had begun exhuming a Soviet war grave in downtown Tallinn.The an...

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