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Pesticide Use

Study Links Pesticides to ADHD

Research reveals pregnant women exposed to certain chemicals have higher risk of baby with attention disorder

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  1. Goat Grazers to the Rescue

    California’s low cost, environmentally friendly way to restore land destroyed by wildfires

  2. What is DVT?

    Deep vein thrombosis is a serious condition that affects an estimated 2 million Americans each year. Dr. Manny talks to vascular surgeon, Dr. Glenn Jacobowitz, about what happens in the body and what symptoms to look out for

  3. Personal Tech: The Return of Ma Bell?

    AT&T looks to acquire T-Mobile

  4. Gutfeld: Toyota Given a Bad Name

    Government investigation disproves safety flaws hyped up by media

  5. Preventing DVT

    Dr. Manny talks to vascular surgeon, Dr. Glenn Jacobowitz, about how to prevent deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism before and after surgery

  6. Why Jack LaLanne Matters

    Salute to the father of fitness

  7. Study: Early Puberty in Girls on the Rise

    Diet, environmental factors to blame?

  8. Beating Bedbugs

    How bad could the bedbug situation get? Dr. Manny talks with two experts on Dotcom Live

  9. Can Diet Reverse Effects of Autism?

    Change in diet dramatically helped couple's son

  10. After the Show Show: Elizabeth Hurley

    Elizabeth Hurley on breast cancer, sheep shearing

  11. Protect Your Family

    Pet sprays for ticks may cause autism

  12. Cholesterol Lowering Foods for Kids

    Find out which foods are best to help lower your child's cholesterol

  1. Bed Bug Battle Heats Up

    Study reveals pests adapting to pesticides

  2. Green T's

    See how one couple is changing the world one t-shirt at a time!

  3. Troubling Children's Health Study

    Research links pesticides to increase of drug-resistant staph infections

  4. Grow Your Own Organic Garden

    As studies highlight a correlation between chemicals and pesticides with chronic illness, the trend of eating organically is sky-rocketing. Learn how to create your own natural garden for less

  5. Would Bed Bugs Vote for Obama?

    Political affiliation, income levels and blood-sucker infestations

  6. Toxic Towns?

    EPA air quality assessment identifies neighborhoods with heightened cancer risk

  7. Hot Dogs

    Tips on how to protect your pets from summer heat

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