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Rising Star Victoria Justice

Actress helms her own TV show on Nickelodeon

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  1. Students Cast Ballot

    8 million students nationwide cast votes in mock election

  2. After the Show Show: Election Day Fever

    What happens after 4 hours on air?

  3. This Year's Valentine's Day Travel Trends

    Ellen Bettridge from American Express Travel shares Valentine's Day travel trends

  4. PETA Shocker

    Latest ad features 'Dancing' star nude with crucifix

  5. Broadcast Bonanza

    At least 12 networks covering Obama's presidential inauguration

  6. All-American Italian

    2009 Dodge Ram

  1. Beck: From Cairo to Madison, Workers Unite

    Students, unions protest Wisconsin budget cuts

  2. 'Geraldo' Flashback

    Michael Jackson discusses life in the spotlight with Geraldo Rivera in 2005

  3. Media Mistake?

    Obama regrets doing TV interview with his two young daughters

  4. Unhealthy Programming?

    Headline Health gets to the bottom of a new study that links television viewing to blood pressure increases in children

  5. You Won't Be My Neighbor

    Why don't kids like Mr. Rogers anymore?

  6. Fox Flash: Dora Suing Nick


  7. Click This

    Feds cracking down on marketing of violent films