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Ashton Kutcher

Hollywood Nation 7/22

Miley Cyrus' new charity, Ashton Kutcher's new series

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  1. Hollywood Nation: 'Idols' Dispel Ghost Stories

    Justin Bieber's cinematic follow up; 'The Governator' gets animated

  2. 'No Strings Attached'

    Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher star in new romantic comedy

  3. Demi & Ashton Violate NCAA Rules

    Hollywood power couple met Iowa recruits

  4. World Malaria Day

    How can we help prevent the spread of malaria?

  5. Hollywood Nation: Will Donald 'Trump' the White House?

    Justin Bieber gets 'Punk'd;' 'Glee' won't be bullied

  6. Dude, Where's My Computer?

    Ashton Kutcher tweets for White House

  7. Pinheads & Patriots: 9/29

    Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher : pinheads or patriots?