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Miss Universe

  1. Pinheads & Patriots: 7/14

    Miss USA: pinhead or patriot?

  2. Miss Oklahoma on 'America Live'

    Miss USA runner-up discusses her answer about Arizona law that may have cost her the crown

  3. Sports Blog: Personal Foul?

    Kilmeade on Jets' behavior around female reporter

  4. Wet T-Shirt Teen

    Racy pictures of 15-year-old pop princess Miley Cyrus leak on Internet

  1. Miss Universe Gone Too Far?

    The pageant was once known for promoting beauty and intelligence, but has a topless shoot with the contestants crossed the line?

  2. Miss Universe Too Racy for TV?

    Pageant under fire for promotional package featuring contestants in body paint

  3. Topless Photos of Miss Universe Released

    Contestants appear covered in body paint

  4. Meet the Most Beautiful Woman in the Universe

    Miss Mexico named Miss Universe

  5. Slippery Shoes

    Miss USA continues the trend of falling on stage during the Miss Universe contest

  6. Pageant Winner Stripped of Crown

    Beauty queen loses title for racy photos

  7. Fox Flash: Uncle Leo Calls the Cops