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Magic Tricks

Around the World: Workers Strike in South Africa

Thousands of truck drivers in Johannesburg protest long hours, low pay

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  1. Magic Monster?

    Woman sues David Copperfield for sexual assault

  2. Spilling the Beans

    'Magic's Biggest Secrets' exposes mystifying illusions

  3. The Bodyguard's Tale

    Uri Geller on ex-bodyguard's claims they tried to keep Jackson from abusing prescription drugs

  4. 'Could've Been A Lot Worse'

    O.J. Simpson's attorneys look at his fall from grace

  5. Teen Banned From U.S. After Drunk E-mail to Obama

    Luke Angel fires off angry e-mail to American president, gets visit from the police

  6. Is Obama Trying to Channel Reagan?

    'Tear down this wall' speechwriter reflects on Ronald Reagan's legacy

  7. Honeymoon's Over?

    Actor Ron Silver says if Obama wins, the media's love affair with him will end

  8. Fox Flash: Fishy Magic


  9. Science Making Comeback With Kids

    Meet the winner of the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge

  10. After the Show Show: 7/6

    Guest host Peter Johnson Jr. on Jackson, Palin

  1. Dive of Death

    Illusionist David Blaine's latest stunt could put his health in jeopardy

  2. Diane's Den 7/3

    Giving an old master a new look; a popular Vegas magician gets a new deal; celebrity birthdays; Friday Flashback

  3. How Did He Do That?

    Magician Josh Beckerman stumps Courtney Friel

  4. Penn Jillette

    Comedian and illusionist on sixth season of truth-seeking show

  5. 'Who Knows About the Wild Rumpus?'

    President Obama reads 'Where the Wild Things Are'

  6. Unlock Your Brain's Potential

    Neuroscientist wants you to get the most out of your brain, reinvigorate the economy

  7. Abracadabra!

    Teen magician wows 'FOX & Friends'