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Katherine Jackson

When There's a Will...

Diane Dimond on Michael Jackson's will!

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  1. 'He was THE Man'

    'Soul Train' creator Don Cornelius remembers Michael Jackson

  2. 'Special Event'

    What should we expect at Jackson memorial service? Former family attorney weighs in

  3. Battle Over the Will

    Attorney for co-executors of will gives insight on who controls Jackson's empire

  1. Michael Jackson Estate

    Judge denies mom's will request, thousands pick up memorial tickets

  2. The Jackson 3

    Custody battle brewing over Michael Jackson's kids

  3. Custody Battle

    Debbie Rowe now battling for custody of Michael Jackson's oldest kids

  4. Estate Battle

    Attorney on struggle for Michael Jackson's assets

  5. Not the Daddy?

    Final pics of Michael Jackson emerge as questions about his paternity surface

  6. Does Debbie Want Custody or Not?

    Does Debbie Rowe now want custody of children she had with Jackson?

  7. Brian Oxman

    Jackson family attorney on Michael Jackson's death