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Charlie Gibson

Palin Perceptions

How much do we really know about John McCain's running mate?

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  1. Rocky Roads

    Newt Gingrich on the roller coaster market, Sen. McCain's last weeks of campaign

  2. Sarah Palin, Part 2

    Palin on her future political plans

  3. Must See TV

    This was the highest rated debate since '92.

  4. Rove's Review

    Karl Rove sounds off on his George W. Bush breaking his silence, Obama vs. FOX, ABC News and health care

  5. John Bolton chimes in on McCain's rejection

    Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton speaks about John McCain and his op-ed being rejected by the New York Times.

  6. Winning Hillary Supporters?

    Clinton supporter now backing McCain discusses Palin's debate performance

  7. Obama's Olympic Pitch

    How did the media spin Obama's Olympic bid?

  8. Doom & Gloom

    There's plenty of coverage of the troubled economy but is it just making things worse?

  9. Passing the Baton

    Brit Hume on Rahm Emanuel, reflects on time as 'Special Report' host; looks to the future

  10. 'Natural Politician'

    Bill Kristol: Gov. Palin feels liberated after VP debate, has questions about Obama's character

  11. Showdown in St. Louis

    McCain camp previews vice presidential debate

  12. 'Do We Have To?'

    Gov. Palin on decision to pull out of Michigan, claim she's been reined in

  1. 'Matter of History'

    Part 2: John and Cindy McCain talk about downfall of raising taxes in a bad economy, media's treatment of Gov. Palin

  2. Policing the Press

    Bernie breaks down network news coverage of Obama's Middle East trip

  3. Truth About America's Tax System

    Report: Nation's wealthiest bear biggest burden

  4. Greg-alogue: 10/13

    Global warming is the Kevin Bacon of root causes

  5. ACORN Investigation

    Sen. Shelby calls for probe into controversial community organization

  6. Shock and Awe?

    VP Debate: Was the press surprised by Palin's performance?

  7. Miller Time: 10/22

    Dennis Miller sounds off on election annoyances

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