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Yucca Mountain

The Hill Report: Turmoil in Japan

U.S. response to Japan’s nuclear emergency

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  1. Nuclear Power Revival in U.S.

    Panel set to explore nuclear power investment and waste disposal

  2. 6 Ideas to Save America

    Energy independence: Advantages and possibilities of nuclear power in U.S.

  3. Japan on Alert as Threat Level Rises

    U.S. asked to help avert nuclear disaster

  4. Midterm Election Series-Nevada Part I

    Danny Tarkanian talks about his campaign for US Senate in Nevada

  5. Democrats' Divide and Conquer Strategy Backfires

    Uproar over Harry Reid's racially-charged campaign comment

  6. The Ultimate Fighter

    Superstar Georges St. Pierre talks with Mike Straka about life in MMA

  7. Tarkanian: 'I Am the Strong Conservative'

    Senate candidate on Tea Party influence on GOP Nevada primary