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Renewable Energy

Alternative Energy

Big development for solar power that could make it more cost-effective

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  1. Green Revolution

    The problem with getting green energy where it needs to go

  2. Going Green Gone Wrong?

    Solar project sparks controversy

  3. Does U.S. Have Energy Dependence Problem?

    House Energy and Commerce Committee members on energy issues that U.S. may face

  4. Way Up North...

    Rep. Boehner on his trip to ANWR!

  5. Obama's Clean Energy Pledge Unrealistic?

    Oregon proves a poor example for supporters of renewable energy

  6. Politics of Oil

    Democrats and Republicans can't find common ground on solving energy crisis

  7. Environmental Debate

    Senator John Cornyn wants more offshore drilling despite study that says it will cause damage

  8. Busted Again?

    'Green' guru Al Gore caught on tape: Is he practicing what he preaches on the environment?

  9. Human Rights and the Two Presidents

    Strong words were exchanged on the subject of human rights between Chinese President Hu Jintao and President Obama

  10. Qaddafi Vows to Fight On, Part 2

    'Captain crazypants' stands his ground in Libya

  11. To Drill or Not to Drill?

    Alan hears Bruce Hamilton of the Sierra Club try to convince Myron Ebell of the Competitive Enterprise Institute that offshore drilling is not the solution

  12. Engineering Marvel

    Is traditional hydroelectricity safe enough to solve America's energy problems?

  1. Debate Over 'Carbon Neutral' Status of Biomass Industry

    EPA threatening to pull the plug on an American renewable energy industry

  2. Arizona: Solar Energy State?

    Grand Canyon State's abundant sunshine perfect for alternative energy

  3. Will Wind Energy Cut Nation's Fuel Emissions?

    'Power Hungry' author exposes 'myths' of green power

  4. Here Comes the Sun

    On the Job Hunt: Clean energy sector creating new opportunities

  5. Blowing in the Wind

    Why are some environmentalists against wind power farms?

  6. Alternate Energy Investigation

    Why is wind power meeting opposition from Democrats on Capitol Hill?

  7. 2008 Issue

    Barack Obama and John McCain both say Republicans haven't done enough for energy crisis

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