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Oil Spill Effects

BP to Replace Cap on Well

Jindal: We will overcome oil spill

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  1. Three Ways to Fix the Gulf

    Americans share their ingenious ideas to stop the oil spill and clean up the region

  2. Day 100 of Gulf Oil Disaster

    Cleanup and containment efforts continue as residents count their losses

  3. Up Close Look at Valdez

    Greta and Sarah Palin take an inside look at Valdez and the safety and environmental concerns in transporting oil through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline

  4. Debris Discovered in Gulf Relief Well

    Finding delays permanent plugging efforts

  5. Sneak Peek: 'On the Record' in Alaska, Pt. 3

    A preview of Part 3 'On the Record's ' special series in Alaska: Greta tours Valdez

  1. Baldwins Working to Repair the Gulf

    Stephen Baldwin on 'Fox & Friends'

  2. Who's at Fault for Oil Spill ?

    President Obama grows increasingly frustrated with continuing environmental disaster

  3. Gulf Oil Spill Update

    Adm. Thad Allen has latest on oil clean-up operations

  4. Gulf Communities Prepare for Shrimping Season

    Can multi-billion dollar shrimp industry rebound after BP oil spill ?

  5. A BP Crime Scene?

    Oil spill investigators eye items at the bottom of sea

  6. Florida Senate Race Getting Messy?

    Marco Rubio on Gulf oil spill fears and whether he and Crist will split vote and clear way for Democrat

  7. Helping Survivors of Katrina

    Dr. Dale Archer explains his experience counseling hurricane survivors