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Offshore Drilling Restrictions

Conservation vs. Exploration

Offshore drilling debate heats up as President Bush lifts ban on exploration

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  1. Impact of Japan Crisis on U.S. Energy Policy?

    Will Obama's plans for nuclear power be affected?

  2. Obama Under Fire for Energy Remarks

    Was president's oil information accurate?

  3. Mississippi Governor Attacks President's Energy Policy

    Fox Business host on administration's handling of U.S. energy issues

  4. Busy 2010 for Obama

    President faced number of challenges at home

  5. Town's Pension Crisis Offers Dire Preview

    Will an Alabama town's bankrupt pension fund have nationwide consequences?

  6. Sens. Graham, Daschle on 'FNS,' Pt. 1

    McCain, Obama surrogates debate whether claims of race and arrogance are relevant in the election fight.

  7. 'We Have to Drill'

    Part 3: Presidential hopeful offers up his solution to the oil crisis

  8. Drill Now Act

    Senator Jim DeMint introduces legislation to permanently open offshore drilling

  9. Oil Battle

    Republicans and Democrats are in disagreement on Capitol Hill over offshore drilling

  10. Ups and Downs

    Congress is 'down' as it still hasn't gotten its act together on key issues like energy and housing

  11. Bulls & Bears

    Stock X-Change: Lightning Round stocks

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  1. 'Economic and Environmental Tragedy'

    Obama comments on response to BP oil leak, future of offshore drilling

  2. Offshore Drilling Debate

    What's the real source of oil in our oceans?

  3. 'Special Report' Online Show: 8/11

    President Obama facing revolt from the left?

  4. Drilling Moratorium Hurting Gulf Region

    New offshore drilling rules require hazards analysis, evacuation plans

  5. Border Crossing Moratorium Needed?

    Arizona sheriffs on whether they are getting the support they need from Washington

  6. To Drill or Not to Drill?

    Alan hears Bruce Hamilton of the Sierra Club try to convince Myron Ebell of the Competitive Enterprise Institute that offshore drilling is not the solution

  7. Why Is Obama Encouraging Brazil to Drill for Oil, But He Won’t Do the Same Here?

    President Obama said this week that the U.S. wants to help Brazil develop oil reserves so that we can purchase oil from them. With both Republicans and Democrats agreeing that we have to stop our reliance on foreign countries for oil, why would the president encourage Brazil to drill but not allow it here? Mike Gallagher joined Megyn Kelly and said he thinks the president is “punking” us.

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