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Nuclear Power

  1. Another Three Mile Island ?

    A look at how Japan's disaster compares to 1979 partial core meltdown at Pennsylvania's nuclear generating station

  2. Does America Need Nuclear Energy?

    Debate over necessity and safety of nuclear power in United States

  3. Battle to Stop Nuke Fuel Meltdown

    Nuclear energy expert on the next step at the Fukushima nuclear plant

  4. Radiation Spreads Amidst Recovery Effort

    New reports indicate radiation is leaking from Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant

  5. U.S. Naval Personnel Contaminated With Radiation

    Navy moving several ships away from damaged Japanese nuclear reactor after detecting radiation on 17 crew members

  6. Conflicting Information From Japan?

    Japanese, French provide differing reports

  7. Rep. Nunes: 'Let's Get All the Facts'

    California congressman on Democrats taking aim at U.S. nuclear plants

  8. Japan Downplaying Risk from Crippled Nuclear Plant ?

    Deputy Secretary of Energy Dan Poneman weighs in

  9. Evacuation Near Japanese Nuclear Plant

    First ever state of emergency declared

  10. Nuke Plant Fears in Japan

    An inside look at the danger posed by the nuclear reactor problems caused Japan's earthquake

  11. Nuclear State of Emergency in Japan

    Threat to American mainland?

  12. Authorities: Reactor 4 Fire 'Under Control'

    Mixed messages going out to Japanese people over problems at nuclear plant

  1. Rare Look Inside U.S. Nuclear Power Plant

    Sen. Graham tours Oconee Nuclear Station in South Carolina

  2. Nuclear Plant on Verge of Nuclear Meltdown? Part 1

    Panel weighs on potential fallout

  3. Radiation Fallout Fears

    Should U.S. put the brakes on nuclear power ?

  4. Should U.S. Stop Producing Nuclear Power ?

    Japanese disaster heightens America's concern about nuclear energy

  5. Fears of Radiation Poisoning in Japan

    Nuke expert weighs in on danger

  6. How Will the Disaster in Japan Impact the U.S. ?

    Japan’s nuclear reactor emergency may test the economy.

  7. Secretary Steven Chu on 'FNS'

    Energy secretary talks Japan crisis

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