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Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Anxiety

Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ), who is also a nuclear physicist, talks with Alan about the crisis in Japan and the potential impact on our energy policy.

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  1. Relocate Future U.S. Reactors?

    Nuclear Regulatory Commission considering this move

  2. Obama: Radiation Leak Does Not Pose Risk to U.S.

    President addresses crisis in Japan, praises Japanese first responders

  3. Radiation Exposure 101

    Understanding how people can get exposed to radiation through nuclear power plant disaster

  4. Should U.S. Stop Producing Nuclear Power ?

    Japanese disaster heightens America's concern about nuclear energy

  5. Trump: 'We Do Need Nuclear Energy'

    Donald Trump on nuclear power risks, Obama's response to Japan crisis

  6. Future of U.S. Nuclear Energy

    Japan disaster raises questions about U.S. nuclear power plants

  7. Battle to Stop Nuke Fuel Meltdown

    Nuclear energy expert on the next step at the Fukushima nuclear plant

  8. Japan Mishandling Nuclear Crisis?

    Panel of nuclear experts debate

  9. Building Nuclear Energy Plants

    How will Japan's crisis affect future US plans?

  10. U.S. Nuclear Energy Under Siege?

    Peter Johnson, Jr. weighs in

  11. How Will the Disaster in Japan Impact the U.S. ?

    Japan’s nuclear reactor emergency may test the economy.

  12. How Real is the Nuclear Threat in Japan?

    Is the U.S. overreacting to the nuclear threat in Japan?

  1. Japanese People Banding Together

    Crisis brings out the bests in Japan

  2. Is Japanese Government Lying About Nuke Threat? Part 2

    Debate over severity of radiation situation

  3. Does America Need Nuclear Energy ?

    Debate over necessity and safety of nuclear power in United States

  4. Japan Downplaying Risk from Crippled Nuclear Plant?

    Deputy Secretary of Energy Dan Poneman weighs in

  5. 6 Ideas to Save America

    Energy independence: Advantages and possibilities of nuclear power in U.S.

  6. Radiation Fallout Fears

    Should U.S. put the brakes on nuclear power ?

  7. Impact of Japan Crisis on U.S. Energy Policy?

    Will Obama's plans for nuclear power be affected?

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