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Natural Gas Cars

The Pros and Cons of Natural -Gas Vehicles

Clean. Abundant. Cheap. Domestic. What's not to like about natural gas? So why not use it to power a car?Most Americans think of natural gas as a fuel source to heat their homes or run their clothes dryers or stoves. But natural-gas cars have been zipping around foreign highways for decades. According to the industry group NGV Global, there are more than 15.2 million natural-gas vehicles on the road worldwide.However, natural gas has been slow to gain traction in U.S. passenger vehicles. Nationwide, there are only 120,000 natural-gas vehicles, or NGVs.Game ChangersThe recent discoveries of massive natural-gas reserves in the U.S. may be a game changer, says Rich Kolodziej, president of Washington, D.C.-based Natural Gas Vehicles for America, or NGVAmerica, a trade association for the natural-gas vehicle industry.NGVs could help to break the U.S. free of dependence on foreign oil, Kolodziej says. They are also better for the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency,...

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  1. Behind the Gas Prices

    Consumer Energy Report’s Robert Rapier joins Alan to explain why President Obama is not to blame for the high gas prices.

  2. Analysis: Thrifty truckers wary of pricey natural gas vehicles

    Truckers considering natural gas as an alternative to high-priced diesel say the cost of vehicles that run on the cheap and cleaner-burning fuel is still too high fo...

  3. More natural gas vehicles hitting the market

    More natural gas-powered vehicles will hit the market soon, as rising gasoline prices, booming natural gas production and proposed tax credits make them a more attra...

  4. How J.D. Power changed the auto industry

    J.D. Power and Associates Founder Dave Power reflects on his 50 years in the business

  5. Chrysler developing human lung-inspired CNG tanks

    Fans of compressed natural gas vehicles may soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief.Chrysler has developed a new type of CNG tank that’s modeled on human lungs to i...

  6. Gas Powered

    Is the Honda Civic GX the future of the auto industry?

  7. Fill 'er Up With Gas for a Buck

    2008 Honda Civic GX

  8. Transportation at Leading Edge of U.S. Natural Gas Revolution

    The boom in natural gas production in the U.S. has ignited a revolution in the auto sector that could reshape the way Americans fuel their vehicles, market participa...

  9. Ford Adds Natural Gas Option to F-150 Pickup

    Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F) plans to launch a version of its top-selling F-150 pickup truck that will run on compressed natural gas, responding to growing demand from co...

  10. Ford Working on Technology to End Gridlock

    Ford Motor Group Executive Chairman William Ford, Jr., on how technology can help reduce traffic in the future, and the growing use of natural gas .

  11. U.S. Energy Boom Key to Economy’s Recovery?

    Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Robert Bryce on the potential economic benefits of the growth of the U.S. energy sector.

  12. Invest in Oil and Gas Boom?

    Ed Deicke of JHS Capital Advisors on investing in the oil and energy industry.

  1. Insight: Goodbye gasoline? GM gives natural gas cars a boost

    By Edward McAllisterNEW YORK (Reuters) - American automobiles have a limited diet, but gasoline's monopoly at the pump may be ending. The giant of U.S. automakers is...

  2. Pickens' Natural -Gas Nonsense

    "Get this one," says billionaire T. Boone Pickens in his latest TV ad, "Iran is changing its cars to natural gas and we're not doing a thing here. They're doing this...

  3. Analysis: On the road, propane stakes claim as cheap, clean fuel

    Home satellite TV provider DISH Network Corp has signed a deal to run 200 of its trucks on propane, in the latest indication that the niche fuel could soon rival nat...

  4. 2008 Honda Civic GX

    Who would have thought $3-a-gallon gas would be such a fond memory?Of course, when prices were that low you were thinking how good $2.50 looked, but by now you've pr...

  5. Car-Respondence - Honda Civic GX

    Hot WheelsThat has got to be the coolest thing I have ever seen. Natural gas in a car, who would have thought? If the concept takes off we need to thank those design...

  6. Spectra Energy CEO on Nat. Gas Pipeline Expansion Plan

    Spectra Energy CEO Greg Ebel on its natural gas pipeline expansion plan which includes New York City.

  7. Sen. Flake's Elite Eight of Waste tournament

    Arizona senator looks to crown the 'Champion of Waste'

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