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Mass Extinction

  1. 'Everybody Is at Risk'

    Experts want U.N. to spearhead plan to deflect an asteroid

  2. Greg-alogue: 6/19

    Extinct is forever, even if you're adorable

  3. Saturday's Halftime Report

    Andy Levy puts the 'ombudsman' in 'Red Eye' ombudsman

  4. 'Dangerous Encounters'

    Host Brady Barr takes on the world's deadliest animals in must-see series

  5. Engineering Marvel

    Is traditional hydroelectricity safe enough to solve America's energy problems?

  1. Half-Shell Dilemma

    Soft-shell turtles being over-fished, could face extinction

  2. 'Operation Noah's Ark'

    Scientist collects hundreds of species from Gulf waters in hopes of saving them from extinction

  3. Final Fin?

    Study: Fishing, pollution threaten one third of shark species

  4. Reality Check

    Will '2012' make audiences appreciate what they've got?

  5. Predators in Danger

    Sharks threatened by commercial and illegal fishing

  6. 'When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs'

    Scientists discover new species of crocodiles that once dominated Earth

  7. Around the World

    'Woolies' facing bankruptcy; sanctuary for endangered wolves