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Interstate Highway System

Obama: 'Level the Playing Field'

State of the Union, Part 2: President calls for education, infrastructure investment, tax and trade reform

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  1. Controversy Over the High Speed Rail

    Panelist discuss the controversy surround the high speed rail

  2. Witness to History

    88-year-old woman has seen every inauguration since 'Ike'

  1. Obama: Rebuilding America

    State of the Union highlights

  2. Who Should Fix Transportation Infrastructure?

    John Stossel on private vs. public funding debate

  3. Back to Work?

    President-elect Obama proposes vast public works program to create jobs

  4. General Electric Stimulus Shenanigans?

    Company lets thousands of employees go after receiving $25 million from the government

  5. Obama's Jobs Proposal

    State of the Union highlights

  6. Get Ready for a Road Trip

    Prepare your car for a road trip so nothing slows you down

  7. 'Strategy Room' Newsbreak

    Diane Macedo delivers headlines from the 'Strategy Room'